Meet Zig Zag The Magic Man

How Did He Get Started?

After high school Zig Zag studied music education in New York City. He was hoping to perform music professionally and teach as well.  Here he met a gaggle of clowns and, after following one clown around for awhile determined to find out how he could become one, that clown finally gave him his boss's business card.  After an interview with the boss Zig Zag was immediately welcomed aboard by Silly Billy, New York’s #1 kids magician.  Silly owned a company called The Funniest Clowns in the Whole Wide World.  Here is where Zig Zag's journey begins to take shape.  He was moving towards his dream of becoming an entertainer. (Not the way he had expected, but in a new and exciting direction.)

So he traveled the entire New York Metro area performing at many different types of gatherings ranging from simple birthday parties to theme parks, fairs, festivals, fundraisers, community, corporate events and more. He became an elite " magical clown" and "kid's magician" who now and more than ever delivers a variety of interesting shows and activities that children simply love.

After 1000’s of shows Zig Zag the Magic Man brings laughter and love to the DMV area in the form of many different types of thought-provoking activities and hilarious performances.

Always remembering his beginnings and those who helped him build Funmakers (Funmakers is the ship that is a product of all these people's influences) he travels through time and space to delight, entertain and enrich the many families, daycares, schools and local businesses he serves.  A fun, energetic and engaging children's entertainer, Zig Zag the Magic Man is the Magistical Laffinator.