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busy moms!

During this historic time in our lives, how do you give your child a great birthday party?

We can help make you the hero and plan a birthday they’ll never forget!

Even if things have piled up and you are only a few days away from the party, there is still plenty of time to get great entertainment? Give us a call!


I'm Michael Kurtz,

from Funmakers

But you're probably wondering.... (kids and parents know me as Zig Zag!)

Families like yours have trusted us to bring exciting shows to their homes and businesses for 20 years. It's what we do best.


We offer engaging family-friendly kid's variety shows, children's comedy and balloon services to help make you the hero and your party a piece of cake.

We can accomplish this in a couple of ways.

How Can We help?

Why do parents LOVE having us?

here's what happy parents are saying!

Because we help them create an unforgettable, engaging and magical experience for their child's special day!

"We hired Zig Zag for an outdoor show for my son's birthday, and he did a fabulous job! All the neighborhood kids - from babies to young teens - were mesmerized and laughing hysterically!"

"Zig Zag performed for our British Embassy kids’ party and did a wonderful job. Children were in fits of laughter and the bunny at the end was a lovely surprise! Would highly recommend."

"The kids LOVED EVERY moment of the special birthday show we held for my daughter in her preschool class. Zig Zag kept the children engaged and on the edge of their seats waiting to discover what he would do next. It was a great show punctuated at the end by cool balloon creations."

Choose from two of our most popular show options.

Live Show on location

We are happy to offer a socially distanced friendly LIVE event where we set up our 45-minute show in your living room or the venue of your choice.

Yes! I'd Love a live show!

virtual                         Show

Experience the magic and wonder right in your own living room with our 40-minute Virtual Zoom® Show!

Yes! Let's do a live Zoom Show!

I'm not interested in booking right now but I would like to learn more about Zig Zag

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Not right now. I still want to know more about this Zig Zag guy!

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